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Exterior Decorating

At some point, you will want to spruce up the outside of your home. It's especially important if you're attempting to sell your house. New research found that adding a lick of paint to your residence's exterior could raise its perceived value by as much as 25%.

A tired-looking façade is a feature that can put people off your property. A research study saw that half-cracked front doors are Brit's top 10 pet-hate when it involves the exterior aesthetics of a property; this was followed closely by collapsing masonry and broke wall surfaces. So if you just do something to groom your house's exterior, update your front door and windowsills with a fresh layer of paint.

building with derelict facade

Do not assume painting and decorating is easy- it is not. If it were simple, there would be no requirement for the millions of specialists throughout the world. If you do not have the right tools, the experience and self-confidence, do not attempt any painting. This is specifically true for outside decorating; leave it to a professional painter and decorator! Obtaining a quote for residence painting is fast and easy. A great painter will do the job quickly with long lasting results. 

We suggest you get no greater than three quotes. Never select the cheapest as it will be cheap for a reason; results will rarely be a satisfactory one.

You would be surprised at the number of excited amateur painters who make a right mess of the task, and ultimately get themselves all distressed and disappointed. This is usually because they did not know how much preparation work to do. Some people assume that purchasing a "one-coat" paint will get the job done quicker! It will not. You should generally always prevent one coat paints because of their inadequate opacity.

Exterior Siding

When painting an exterior siding, always paint from the top down, and paint alongside the trim first. This produces a border of two to three inches from the edge of the trim. Then start repainting the rest of the exterior skirting board. Also, remember to paint under the side. 

Paint in areas of three to four boards and add a couple of feet each time. Use a fresh brush loaded with paint to unpainted areas and moving back into the locations you've currently done. Be sure to paint in the direction of the house siding.

Our Decorating Service

We never recommend that you carry out decorating if you are not experienced. The problems caused by using the wrong decoration methods can cost more money to fix than hiring a professional. For this reason, we recommend calling us today on 02089 428 479.

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