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Tips for Hanging Wallpaper

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  • 16-09-2019
Tips for Hanging Wallpaper

Tips for Hanging Wallpaper

G Barley Painters & Decorators offer a complete wallpaper hanging service. We always recommend that you use a professional decorator to hang wallpaper. Our experienced decorators will ensure that you achieve excellent results every time.

How do you hang wallpaper?

We first trim the top and base of the length.  We then brush the cut edges up to the ceiling and wall. We use a tidy, damp sponge to wipe away any excess paste from wallpaper surface area.

Equipment we make use of to hang unpasted wallpaper:

  • Paste
  • Paste brush or roller
  • Sponge & bucket of clean water
  • Tape Measure.
  • Knife or break off a blade
  • Level
  • Smoothing brush or plastic smoother
  • 4" - 6" inch Putty blade and or straight edge

Where do you begin to wallpaper a room?

We start by determining from the edge of the last full width to the corner. We allow an additional 25mm for the turn onto the following wall.  We use a plumb line to obtain an upright start on the next wall surface.  Lay the paper over the overlapping section of the previous size.

Can you put wallpaper over wallpaper?

You could paper over most wallpaper as long as it's in good condition. This does not include a relief or washable paper, which you need to get rid of. If it's in a truly negative state, strip it off and line the walls.  

You could safely paper over a solitary layer of smooth, well-adhered wallpaper. Ensure it is devoid of bubbles, buckles and creases. You should do some prep work; this consists of re-pasting any loosened paper. You will need to patch as necessary, cleaning the wall surfaces and applying a special primer. You can now plan to hang vinyl wallpaper.

Can you put wallpaper over paint?

You could paper directly over painted surface areas. However, see to it you clean them thoroughly with sugar soap first.

Do air bubbles come out of wallpaper?

If you see bubbles in your wallpaper- don't panic! When mounting your paper, air will most likely be trapped in between. This is typical, and it must disappear as the wallpaper settles and the glue dries. If it doesn't, simply puncture the bubble with a small pin and carefully flatten out the paper with the wallpaper sweep.

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